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An Introduction to Project Management     show
The aim of this introductory course is to help you understand the principles and terminology of project management as well as giving you essential tools and techniques to help you scope, plan and deliver successful projects.

Target Audience: Staff who are needing an introduction to Project Management

CI Practitioners Programme     show
The CI Practitioners Programme (previously called Lean for Leaders) is a great way to meet like-minded colleagues from across the University and pick up improvement skills that you can use straight away. It will also support you to deliver a project that you can be proud of.

Target Audience: Staff who are responsible for leading change or improvement initiatives and who want to deliver a meaningful Continuous Improvement Project.

Confidential Waste Information Session     show
An information session to introduce staff to the new confidential waste uplift procedure.

Target Audience: All University staff

Create focus using Key Issue Identification     show
In this course we explore a model to gain consensus of the key issues needing addressed for significant improvement to be made.

Target Audience: Those who have an interest in Continuous Improvement

Dealing with Conflict on Projects     show
As part of our project management theme this short session will introduce the kinds of conflicts you might experience when managing projects and some strategies and techniques for dealing with them.

Target Audience: All Staff

Facilitation     show
This course is aimed at developing your skills and confidence when facilitating improvement workshops.

Target Audience: Staff who are facilitating for the first time and are seeking a structure and guidance to develop from or staff currently involved in facilitation who seek tips and guidance to hone existing skills.

How to Conduct an After Action Review     show
This course explores a quick and simple model to assess the impact of a piece of work and improve for the future.

Target Audience: Those who have an interest in Continuous Improvement

How to review a data management plan     show
Aimed at Doctoral Supervisors, short course covers the key elements of data management planning.

Target Audience: PGR (Doctoral) Supervisors

Management Development: Complaint Investigation Skills - Online     show
The aim of this course is to help participants develop and improve their investigation skills with a specific focus on complaints handling. The course is offered to nominated members of staff who will conduct complaints investigations at Stage 2.

Target Audience: Investigating Officers for Stage 2 complaints ONLINE

Microsoft Power BI Overview     show
An introduction to MS Power BI as a management information reporting tool.

Target Audience: Staff

NMIS _Engaging & Controlling External Service Providers     show
This course provides NMIS staff with an understanding of why external service providers must be controlled and the way in which this is achieved.

Target Audience: NMIS Staff

Ranking Data Workshop     show
Explore the university league table landscape. Learn about the work the University does in this area and explore the attributes of the main UK and global league tables. Look at pitfalls and risks in promoting ranking positions and discuss the opportunities for future development.

Target Audience: Colleagues with an interest in University ranking data

Research & Knowledge Exchange Staff Costs Training     show
To help University Staff manage the financial aspects of their successful research and knowledge exchange awards. 

Target Audience: Principal Investigators, Project Managers, Administration Staff

Running Effective Meetings     show
Unlock productive meetings! Learn to set clear goals, create focused agendas, encourage participation, and keep discussions on track in your meetings

Target Audience: All staff who plan and lead effective meetings

SPIRAL - Managing and Delivering Successful CPD Sessions     show
A highly practical full-day, fully online workshop for staff designing or delivering professional development sessions for external stakeholders (e.g. colleagues from other institutions, industry, government, etc.) with a focus on engagement and effectiveness.

Target Audience: For academics / researchers expected to deliver CPD sessions to groups of professionals

StrathApp - Campus Services     show
Provide input on the new version of StrathApp - focusing on campus services.

Target Audience: All staff and students

Structured Problem Solving for Success     show
Lots of issues and not enough solutions? This session provides a systematic method of analysing an issue, implementing the best solution, and sustaining the change.

Target Audience: Staff who have an interest in improving performance incrementally day by day.

Team-based Innovation     show
This course identifies the behaviours and structures which create the environment for supporting staff to innovate within their own teams.

Target Audience: Staff with Team Lead responsibilities

The Key Steps to Benefits Realisation     show
This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to be able to identify what types of benefits could be achieved with an improvement mindset, and how these can be measured to demonstrate the improvement.

Target Audience: Those who have an interest in Continuous Improvement

UKVI Audit Preparation Briefing Session - Feb 2024     show
UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will be visiting the University on the 20 February 2024 to undertake a compliance Audit. This presentation will provide further information on what to expect during an audit and to assist Faculties in preparing for this visit.

Target Audience: Staff within academic departments and professional services involved in the recruitment, admission, and/or teaching of students and the administration of their studies.

University Systems Update     show
An opportunity to find out more about new services available to staff and students, including updates from individual projects within the Information Systems Development Framework (ISDF) programme of projects.

Target Audience: Staff