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    Understanding External Organisations
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    This class represents a core element of the knowledge exchange experience and is a core experience demanded of professionals engaged within the area.

Duration 4 half days

Course Type Series

Booking Status Archived

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Target Audience: Academic & Research Staff

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This class is compulsory for all participants undertaking the Academic Practice and Knowledge Exchange pathways of the SPARK programme.

This class aims to provide participants with an understanding of how external organisations work, including strategies, forms and structures, as well as providing a platform through which an appreciation of how to articulate a knowledge exchange proposal in relation to the main value drivers of the organisation will be explored.

Delivered By: Stuart Boon


You must submit an online application prior to attending this class to be fully registered. Staff members who hold a contract of at least 12 months will not be liable for fees, otherwise the fee is £600 per module. Applicants must hold qualification at Degree level or have experience deemed by course director to be equivalent. ALL sessions must be attended. Please check session dates before booking