Terms and Conditions of Use of the Development and Training Booking System

The terms and conditions outlined below relate to events bookable via the Development and Training Booking System. By completing the booking you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

1. Booking Procedure

Bookings should be made via the Development and Training Booking System. Before booking, the individual should:

  1. read the course content to ensure the course will meets their training needs; and
  2. have attained any prerequisite knowledge and experience. Please note, participants may be asked to leave if they do not meet the prerequisites as set out in the course description.

Acknowledgement of the booking will be sent via email to the participant's University email account. Individuals may be asked to provide evidence of their booking on arrival.

2. Cancellations and Attendance

2.1 Cancellations by the User

Training Providers have experienced problems with individuals making bookings and then failing to attend or cancel their place. This can have a significant impact in that:

  1. There is inefficient use of resources e.g. where external Providers are paid a fee. This will impact on resources and thereby reduce the number of future courses that can be provided.
  2. Those on a waiting list are denied a place on a course.
  3. Unexpected reductions in the number of participants can affect the dynamics and effectiveness of the event.
  4. Additional and unnecessary costs are incurred e.g. catering, printing.

Individuals should cancel their booking if at any stage they are no longer able to attend, ideally as soon as possible, but no later than 3 working days before the start date. Bookings can be managed using My Bookings.

Attendance records are monitored and the Providers reserve the right to exclude a participant from future courses should they repeatedly fail to cancel bookings that they do not attend.

Please note, individual Training Providers may operate additional cancellation policies, such as a charge to Departments or Schools, for non-attendance. Further information is available on the course booking page or direct from each Training Provider.

2.2 Cancellation by the Course Provider

The Provider reserves the right to cancel when:

  1. There are unforeseen circumstances e.g. presenter is unable to deliver due to illness.
  2. There are known to be insufficient numbers to run the course before it starts.
  3. Insufficient numbers attend the course within the first 15 minutes.

The Provider undertakes to notify all participants of cancellations at the earliest opportunity and endeavour to organise another course date.

3. On the Day

3.1 Arrival

Participants should arrive 15 minutes prior to the advertised start time. Courses start promptly at the advertised time. If participants are more than 15 minutes late they may not be able to join the course.

3.2 Course Duration

If a participant is unable to stay for the duration of the course this must be discussed with the facilitator.

3.3 Health and Safety

Participants must adhere to the University's health and safety procedures and policies at all times.

4 Data Protection

All training data is stored in line with the University's Data Protection policies and procedures.

For further information please see the University Data Protection page.