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    Departmental Fire Safety Training
    Provider   Safety, Health and Wellbeing

    This course enables Departments to comply with the employers' duties under current fire safety legislation, ensuring that Departments have sufficient trained staff to assist with the management of fire safety (at a local level) within their areas of control.

Duration 2 hours

Course Type Classroom

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: Departmental Fire Safety Coordinators and Fire Marshals

To provide comprehensive guidance, information, and advice regarding fire prevention, fire safety arrangements, and emergency fire action procedures.

Learning Outcomes

  • To provide Department Fire Safety Co-ordinators and Fire Marshals with a comprehensive understanding of the various day to day fire safety management arrangements
  • The emergency actions to take in the event of a fire and the emergency evacuation procedures

Delivered By: Safety, Health and Wellbeing


Training should be undertaken upon your nomination for the role (of Department Fire Safety Coordinator and or Fire Marshal).

Nominated staff are required to familiarise themselves with the current fire safety documentation (See Useful Links below)

Refresher training should be carried out at least every three years thereafter.

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We want our training sessions to run at full capacity to ensure value for money and to get the most from group interactions and discussions.  Canceling attendance at a course should only be done as a last resort. Demand is high for our training sessions with many having a waiting list and when a booking is made, others are turned away on the strength of that booking.  If you have to cancel a training session we would appreciate as much notice as possible (at least 48 hours).