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    SBS Open Access Policy Information Session
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    SBS Open Access Policy Information Session - what staff must do to comply with HEFCE open access rules.

Duration 1 hour

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Target Audience: Staff

Dawn Hibbert, Open Access Advocacy Librarian, has been invited to give 2 presentations to the Faculty, to highlight the key changes HEFCE Open Access Policy Changes (from 1st April 2016) and the excellent support that is available centrally within the University.  Attendance at one or other of these sessions is mandatory for all Academic/Research/KE staff, and I would also encourage departmental research administrators to attend.



Most importantly, in order to meet the new HEFCE requirements (which will have a bearing on eligibility of outputs for the next REF) staff MUST to do the following:

  • Immediately on receipt of the letter/email from the Editor of the journal confirming acceptance of your paper for publication, update the Pure record to record “date of acceptance” – i.e. the date on the editors letter.  This is when the clock starts ticking for OA!
  • At the same time, the final author manuscript – i.e. the full text that has just been approved by the editor– should be uploaded to PURE.  This MUST be done within 3 months of the “date of acceptance” but don’t delay.
  • Check that the journal meets HEFCE’s OA requirements.  Contact openaccesss@strath.ac.uk if publishing in a noncompliant journal prior to signing any copyright transfer.
  • Following this, repository colleagues will check OA policies for the research output (to save you from having to be an expert!) and apply appropriate embargo periods to the records before the text is made openly available via the University repository.

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