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    Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Training
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    This course can be used as the core KE module for both the SPARK KE pathway and the Academic Practice pathway. This is a three day residential course.

Duration 3 full days

Course Type Classroom

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: Knowledge Exchange and Academic Staff

 Residential Course, 14th-16th June 2016

The aim of the Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Training course is to provide researchers and academics with the opportunity to develop their skills when interacting with the external environment through knowledge exchange activities. KIT introduces principles, concepts, tools and techniques of knowledge exchange and innovation management to Strathclyde staff members. The course aims to enhance the knowledge exchange culture at Strathclyde to further develop the key skills of participants and improve the shared language amongst University employees thereby enhancing future collaborative opportunities.

The course is run over three days between the Golden Jubilee Hotel in Clydebank (days 1&2) and the Advanced Forming Research Centre (day 3) between the 14-16th June 2016. Accommodation is offered FOC and we encourage attendees to take up this offer but we do not stipulate that you stay however, we do stipulate that you attend the evening dinners particularly the first evening when an external speaker is taking time out of their busy schedule to come and speak to you about their Knowledge Exchange and Innovation experiences. This year’s dinner speaker is a former Strathclyde researcher who spun out their own company in 2015.


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