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    Display Screen Equipment On-Line Awareness - Registration
    Provider   Safety, Health and Wellbeing

    On-line course for all Display Screen Equipment users.

Duration 30 mins

Course Type Online

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Target Audience: Staff and Postgraduate Students who receive payment for their research

Please read the intructions on how to access the course below.

If you have completed the course previously and are looking to complete refresher training please email safety.training@strath.ac.uk to have this set up. Refresher training should be completed every 3 years. 

Interactive learning session followed by a short quiz to test understanding of the course. Once you have passed the quiz, you can complete the self-assessment of your workstation to identify any issues you may have, which if you are unable to resolve yourself, can be raised with your Departmental Safety Coordinator. Once you have submitted your DSE self-assessment, you will be able to print off a Certificate to confirm you have completed the course. You should pass your certificate(s) onto your DSC once you have completed the course. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Explain what is meant by a Display Screen Equipment Workstation
  • Outline what is meant by ergonomics in relation to computer workstations
  • Outline the health effects from poor workstation set-up and computer use
  • Describe how to set up and arrange a computer workstation correctly for maximum comfort
  • Outline the specific features of safe working with laptops

Delivered By: British Safety Council



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Further information on eye and eyesight testing is given in Section 4.3 of the above Local Rule: Safe Use of Display Screen Equipment

Course Access

Once registered you will be sent an email from the External Provider giving you a link to the course. This will not happen instantly.  If you have not received an email within two weeks of registering, please contact Safety, Health and Wellbeing by email to safety.training@strath.ac.uk 

Please note that the link to the course will be sent in a separate email from the booking confirmation email.