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    STEP - Introduction to Storytelling (2 parts)
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    This series of 2 short workshops are hosted by Alice Fernbank, a professional storyteller – and teacher.

Duration 2 hours

Course Type Workshop

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Target Audience: Teaching, Academic and APS Staff


Have you heard about the power of storytelling? Are you interested in learning more about how you might use storytelling in your classroom and developing your own skills as a storyteller?



This series of 2 short workshops are hosted by Alice Fernbank, a professional storyteller – and teacher. Storytelling came to Alice through acting work in the theatre and she began specialising as a professional storyteller in 2010. She now tells stories in theatres, schools, libraries, cafes, bars, and at festivals, feasts, conferences and dinners. She leads workshops in storytelling for adults and children. She has recently performed her solo storytelling show Bold Daughters at The Audacious Women Festival at The Scottish Storytelling Centre. As an EFL teacher Alice uses storytelling to develop authentic communication, to give context to learning, to engage students’ imagination, to build confidence, and to develop language skills.



In the first session, Alice will spend time exploring stories and storytelling, using personal stories and anecdotes, and from there will work with you to build confidence in storytelling, develop presence as a storyteller and establish connection with your listeners through eye contact, rhythm, gesture, physicality, voice projection and listening activities. Alice will also demonstrate the techniques being developed in the workshop, and allow you to experience the enjoyment of listening to a story well-told. The workshop will close with asking you to think about how storytelling might work for you and Alice will ask you to prepare a short storytelling activity in advance of the next session.



The second session will provide an opportunity to try out storytelling in a way that works for you, while benefiting from feedback from others in the class as well as Alice. This session will be structured around the provision of personal feedback to each participant and further exploration of where storytelling and the classroom environment meet.



Through participation in this series, participants will be able to:

  •  identify opportunities to include storytelling in their teaching practice;
  • confidently apply storytelling skills and techniques into their teaching practice; and
  • engage their students through the art of storytelling.

 UKPSF Dimensions: A4, A5, K2, V1, V2






Delivered By: Alice Fernbanks


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