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    An Introduction to Widening Access: Contextual Data and Admissions
    Provider   Access, Equality & Inclusion

    This 5 week online programme introduces participants to the University's contextual admissions policies and processes

Duration 2 hours 30 mins

Course Type Online

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Target Audience: Primarily staff involved in the admissions/decision-making processes for undergraduate degree programmes

This online course will provide an introduction to the three pieces of contextual information which form part of the University’s undergraduate Admissions policy. Participants will learn about what each of these contextual data points mean and will also explore some of the challenges which candidates who exhibit these criteria may face. The final week of the course will feature a few mock applications, drawing attention to where you can find information related to the entry requirements for candidates from these specific groups and how to ensure that if they are made an offer of a place, it is a fair one in line with the University’s Admissions policy.

The course will run for 5 weeks and will feature a mix of quizzes and forum-based activities. The course will require approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour of participant time each week (asynchronously, so you can complete it at a time which suits you, as long as you stick to each week’s deadline).

This online course commenced on Monday 24th October and is due to finish on Friday 25th November. If you are interested in joining this iteration of the course, please email wideningaccess@strath.ac.uk with the subject heading of 'contextual data online training course' to enquire about joining the course late.


  • Introduction to the University's policy on contextual admissions
  • Exploration of barriers to accessing higher education
  • Discussion of the contextual flags used within the admissions process

Delivered By: Widening Access Team (Al Blackshaw and Stephanie Mckendry)


Open to all staff within the University of Strathclyde. If there is high-demand, staff with formal responsibility for selection for undergraduate programmes may be prioritised.

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Queries and further information

If you have any queries about the course prior to enrolment, please direct them to Al Blackshaw, Widening Access Support Coordinator, on a.blackshaw@strath.ac.uk or extension 3127.