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    Lecture 7 of 8: Mini Develop Accelerator Programme
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    This is the penultimate in the 'Knowledge Exchange: Developing IP, Consultancy and Business Plans from Research Outcomes' programme. TO BOOK THIS SESSION PLEASE GO TO THE FOLLOWING PAGE: https://www.engage.strath.ac.uk/event/375

Duration 2 hours 30 mins

Course Type Presentation

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Target Audience: PhD students, researchers, academics and other staff with an interest in knowledge exchange activities.

This course is comprised of 8 separate individually bookable lecturers.  'Mini Develop Accelerator Programme' is the seventh in the series.  There will be background on what it is and how to protect/exploit it.

The programme will give you an introduction to Knowledge Exchange and aims to provide you with the knowledge in order to exploit the advances in your research into patents, new company formation, licensing and developing yourself to become a consultant. The culmination of this programme will be a Mini Develop Accelerator Programme where you will work in teams on proposed business plans to highlight the processes involved in developing a business case, identifying gaps in your business, evaluating risks and creating a business model. Lectures will be held on the dates below and will start at 12 noon.

Refreshments will be provided but please book so we can obtain correct catering numbers.

  • 1 June 2017 - The view from Venture Capitalists (Epidarex)

Delivered By: Dr Matthew J Baker and Mrs Debbie Stack


There are no prerequisites for this course.