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    Research Bidding and Design - Getting Started
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    This class aims to enable research staff and early career academics starting out in research bidding and design to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities in development and submission of small, early career research proposals.

Duration 4 sessions

Course Type Series

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: For research staff and early career academics starting out in research bidding and design. Individuals from other staff categories may also find this class useful if they are intending to apply for research funding.

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This class provides a unique opportunity for staff with no, or little, experience of research bidding and design to develop an understanding of the funding landscape, design initial questions and develop a small funding proposal appropriate to their career stage.

Participants will undertake a range of activities within the workshop seminars and outside of the classroom to both explore the research funding landscape and begin designing a research project funding proposal of their own.

Topics covered will be:

  • Overview of writing funding proposals, an introduction to funders and funding application and decision processes.
  • Funding proposal structures and sections - what should (and shouldn't) be included.
  • How to create a useful grant proposal plan – considerations and structure.
  • Examination of successful applications
  • Overview of Strathclyde specific resources and support
  • Exploration, creation and development of project ideas


Learning Objective 1      

Recognise the components of good grantmanship and how the application of best practices can transform a research proposal.

Learning Objective 2

Demonstrate the ability to develop an idea into a project proposal.

Learning Objective 3      

Demonstrate awareness and knowledge of the grant application procedures required from relevant funding sources.

Learning Objective 4      

Present evidence for an understanding of the processes for evaluation of funding and research with awareness of the wider economic context and funding landscape.

Learning Objective 5

Apply critical reflection to their own practice in designing and writing research proposals.

Delivered By: Emma Compton-Daw


You must submit an online application prior to attending this class to be fully registered. A minimum of 3 sessions must be attended. Please check all session dates before booking. You are only able to gain SPARK credit for completing EITHER ‘Research Bidding and Design- Getting Started’ OR ‘Research Bidding and Design’. You will not gain SPARK credit for completing this class if you have previously completed ‘Research Bidding and Design’.