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    Social Media for Researchers: Impact, Engagement & Measurement
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    Demonstrating social media competence is a critical communication tool for research active staff.

Duration 2 hours 30 mins

Course Type Workshop

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Target Audience: Research active staff with some background in using social media

Demonstrating social media competence is a critical communication tool for research active staff. Whether its use is for engaging students, increasing awareness of research activity, or attracting media coverage for your research team, social media use will yield a competitive edge. However, it continues to be acknowledged that social media could be more widely adopted by academics and, where used, harnessed more effectively.

The aim of this session is to go beyond the usual introductory sessions about social media and instead “showcase” innovative practice and/or novel approaches to the use of social media in research, engagement and collaboration. The session should provide inspiration to Strathclyde academics who are not yet using social media, but also excite modest users of social media so that they may be better inclined to exploit social media to enhance research visibility, impact and engagement.

The session will include presentations and discussions led by Diane Pennington (Computer & Information Sciences), Claire Timmins (Speech & Language Therapy) and Daniela Sime (Social Work & Social Policy), all of whom are experienced in deploying social media in their research ethos.

 By the end of the session participants will:

  • Have been introduced to a series of innovative techniques for maximising the effectiveness of their social media engagement
  • Have an appreciation of the most appropriate approaches to deploy when promoting research activities within the social sphere in order to promote improved visibility and ergo impact
  • Understand engagement with social media for research collaboration and engagement
  • Demonstrate an improved understanding of how social media interactions can be measured, analysed and used to inform future social media behaviours

Delivered By: Daniela Sime, Claire Timmins, Diane Pennington, Scott Kilgariff, George Macgregor


No course prerequisites, although participants should note that this session will assume some level of prior knowledge of social media and its core concepts.