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    How to review a data management plan
    Provider   Research Data Management and Sharing

    Aimed at Doctoral Supervisors, short course covers the key elements of data management planning.

Duration 1 hour 30 mins

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Target Audience: PGR (Doctoral) Supervisors

This short course will cover the key elements of a Data Management Plan (DMP), a written document that describes the data collected &/or generated during a research project, how the data is managed and what will happen to the data after a project completes.

DMPs are a requirement for many grant applications, e.g. RCUK, H2020, CRUK, Wellcome Trust, et al. In concert with the open data ethos of RCUK et al, the University of Strathclyde has recently revised the PGR Review process so that all PGRs – regardless of funder – should create a DMP for their studentship project. We anticipate that PGR supervisors will review PGR student DMPs as part of regular student-supervisor dialogue.

To assist supervisors with this new process, the RDMS team is running this short course on ‘How to review a data management plan’. 

The course will cover the key elements of data management planning:

  • Planning the structure
  • Funder requirements & templates
  • Identifying gaps in coverage
  • Meaningful content
  • Cohesive practice
  • Securing long-term access to data

Data Management Plans are a key element of best practice in research data management & sharing in higher education research.

They also provide a framework for how research data is managed over the course of a project/ research studentship which comprises:

  • Data collection
  • Documentation and Metadata
  • Ethics and Legal Compliance
  • Storage and Backup
  • Selection and Preservation
  • Data Sharing
  • Responsibilities and Resources

Delivered By: Research Data Management & Sharing (RDMS) team


** Attendance on this course is restricted to Doctoral supervisors. (The requirement for DMPs is for doctoral students only, hence attendance on the course is restricted to those supervising doctoral students.)

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