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    Mental Wellness for all
    Provider   Disability Service

    Do you want to learn more about your own mental health and that of others? If so, please register to attend our "Mental Wellness for all" session.

Duration 1 half day

Course Type Classroom

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: Students

Mental Wellness for all is a 3-hour session open to all students, facilitated by staff from the Disability and Wellbeing Service and Student's Union Advice Hub. 

Participants will explore the topic of mental health and reflect on the various factors that can impact on our mental health. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic stress-management techniques, and reflect on positive and negative coping mechanisms.

The session will also allow students to think about how they might support a friend who is experiencing poor mental health, through listening and sign-posting. Participants will learn how to broach the subject of mental health with a friend, and how to put boundaries into place in order to protect your own wellbeing. 

This session is a basic introduction to exploring mental health and wellbeing. Facilitators will provide information on additional university-based Mental Health Training opportunities that students can engage in, should they wish to.

Delivered By: Disability and Wellbeing Service