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    SPIRAL - Writing Successful Grants
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    Dr Bob Porter, a nationally recognised leader in the field of grantsmanship, will deliver this workshop which will provide you with the basic principles of how to write a winning grant proposal. Practical grant writing exercises will be interspersed throughout the workshop.

Duration 1 full day

Course Type Workshop

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Target Audience: Academic/Research Staff, all levels

Dr. Robert Porter will deliver this workshop that covers the basic principles of good grant proposal writing.  He will start with the phrasing of a compelling research theme to the actual construction of the proposal itself.  Major differences between traditional "academic prose" and persuasive grant writing are highlighted. Common pitfalls that can lead to early rejection of good ideas are reviewed, matched with practical strategies for better writing.  Special attention will be paid to the perspectives of grant reviewers and how to write in ways that will meet their expectations.

Writing exercises

There will be a number of writing exercises interspersed throughout the morning and afternoon sessions, attendees should bring along a fully powered laptop.

  • Six Critical Questions. These are designed to introduce researchers to the persuasive writing style that characterizes successful grant proposals, and how that style differs from traditional academic prose. The exercise results in a brief talking paper, or “preabstract” that can be used to test a selected research idea with colleagues and for fit with appropriate funding sources.
  • Funding opportunities. Participants are asked to identify three different grant programs that might be interested in their core research themes, and contact information for funding agency officials, if available.
  • Goals, Hypotheses, Research objectives. Participants will draft early versions of their project’s goal statement, hypothesis, or research questions, then follow up with 2 – 4 specific research objectives for their project. Volunteers will e-mail their drafts to Dr Porter, and he will project them on the screen for group discussion and editing. This is highly interactive and a capstone of the day.
  • Visual illustrations. Dr Porter will demonstrate how to locate visual models for a project’s overall design and the work plan. Participants will follow to identify their own and paste them into their exercise booklet.

The following key areas will be addressed during the workshop:

  • Killer mistakes in grant writing and how to avoid them
  • Two critical steps that will double your chances for success
  • How to win over the grant reviewer
  • Simple keys to a more powerful writing style
  • Visualization: Using illustrations to "sell" your project

Workshop Leader

Robert Porter, PhD, has presented grant writing workshops at leading universities and medical schools internationally. A national leader in the growing field of research development, he has presented papers and workshops on grant writing at national conferences and has published prize-winning articles in the Journal of Research Administration and Research Management Review.

Delivered By: Robert Porter, PhD - Grant Winners Seminar


This workshop will be delivered over two sessions:
Session 1: 9.30-12.30
Session 2: 1.30-4.30

Attendees must attend the morning and afternoon sessions.

Lunch will NOT be provided

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