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    Managing Safely®
    Provider   Centre for Lifelong Learning

    This course is designed to get managers up to speed on the practical actions they need to take to effectively manage health and safety matters within their teams.

Duration 3 sessions

Course Type Series

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Target Audience: Any staff/students in a management role

Through a combination of clear examples, recognisable scenarios, practical exercises and interactive discussions, this course is designed to provide managers with the knowledge, skills and tools required to manage safely, and leads to internationally-recognised certification through the Institution of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH).

Over three one-day sessions the course covers:

  • Understanding management responsibilities
  • Understanding hazards
  • Assessing and controlling risks
  • Investigating accidents
  • Measuring performance

This is then followed by a 1 hour multi-format assessment.


Cost to departments: £295 per person. (Cancellations should be made at least 5 working days before the first session. Any cancellations received after this may be subject to a cancellation fee.)

Delivered By: Centre for Lifelong Learning