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    Myplace 2018-2019 Upgrade Workshop
    Provider   Education Enhancement

    An overview of new features in Myplace for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Duration 2 hours

Course Type Classroom

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: Administrative and Teaching Staff

In this session we will outline the highlights of changes to the VLE including upgrading the system from Moodle 3.2 to Moodle 3.4 and any in-house developments. 

The overview presentation should be fairly short (approx. 20 minutes), after which we have allotted around 2 hours for staff to check and adjust their classes with face to face technical support available. 

At each session there will be 1 Myplace support staff and 1 Myplace developer  so this is also a good opportunity to get support to set up new content, if required, with a high level of technical support present. 


Delivered By: Michael Hughes


Should be familiar with the basics of working with Myplace.

Useful Links

Please find below links to highlight videos and more detailed release notes.