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    The Faculty of Science Publication Challenge 2020
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    The Publication Challenge this year is focused on improving the quality and quantity of publications for research staff. It will draw on and share best practice from across the Faculty to give staff a series of workshops focussing on key aspects of academic publishing.

Duration 3 sessions

Course Type Series

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Target Audience: aimed at research staff who have some experience in writing papers, but want to write better papers.

Please note to attend the Publication Challenge 2020 you should book your place through this page and enrol using this link https://classes.myplace.strath.ac.uk/user/index.php?id=23727

The Faculty of Science Publication Challenge 2020

Do you want to increase your chances of getting your research published?  Do you want to – or need to – improve the quality of your publications?  Publications are a key method to ensure uptake of your results, boost your academic reputation and support your career progression.  We have collected the best tips, strategies and secrets from across the Faculty and rolled them into a Publication Challenge.  The Challenge will consist of a series of workshops led by senior Strathclyde academics with excellent publication records and – at the end of the course – attendees will have a peer reviewed draft paper which is the best it can be!  It is aimed at research staff who have some experience in writing papers, but want to write better papers.

Challenge Workshops

There will be three formal core meetings running over February and March.  These workshops will each focus on a particular aspect of a good publication.  An introductory presentation will be given followed by examples and peer group work to reflect, refine and improve the quality of the paper.

Peer group support will be used throughout the workshops and for the duration of the challenge.


Core Meetings


You should provide a draft of  paper and complete a short questionnaire through Myplace using the link above.

Session 1 – High Quality Publications – Wednesday 26 February, 2.30 – 4.30pm

This first session will give an introduction to the challenge and give an overview of what makes a high-quality publication.  The focus thereafter, will be on writing an abstract, peer group work will follow in order to refine and feedback to improve the abstract.

 Session 2 – Visual Content and Panel Session – Wednesday 18 March, 2.30 – 4.30pm

The second session will consist of a panel of Senior Strathclyde Academics sharing their experience of publishing.  Following that, a presentation and discussion will follow on presenting visual content.  Peer group work will focus on improving visual content.

Session 3 – Publishing Strategies – Wednesday 1 April, 2.30 - 4.30pm

The final session will focus on writing a powerful and confident letter to the Editor.  Strategies for targeting the correct level of journal and improving citations will also be discussed.  Peer group work will follow to finalise papers.

 An optional formal review of draft papers will be offered after session 2.


Expectations of Participants

The challenge is a practical output driven event with the expectation that on attending a paper will be further developed, improved and be made ready for submission.  Participants are expected to write between formal meetings as the assimilate ideas and feedback from the variety of sources on offer to them during the Publication Challenge.

Participants are expected to attend all sessions.


Academic leads;

Professor Stefan Kuhr, Physics

Email: stefan.kuhr@strath.ac.uk 

OSDU: Dr Emma Compton-Daw

Email: emma.compton-daw@strath.ac.uk 

Delivered By: Professor Stefan Kuhr, Physics/ Organisational and Staff Development Unit


Expectations of Participants

Prior to attending session 1, participants will be expected to provide a draft of their paper and complete a short questionnaire through Myplace. This will ensure that participants come to the Publication Challenge fully engaged with their writing and will get the most benefit from the challenge. Please bring the 4 copies of your draft along to the first meeting.

It is expected that participants will, as a default, be working with a Departmental writing mentor so as to benefit from subject specific input especially regarding content. There are other forms of support available within their Department or at the institutional level which participants will be made aware of.

Cancellation Policy

When applying for a course, you should note that there will be a £50* to your department if you cancel within 5** working days or you do not attend, and a £25 charge for cancellations/ non-attendance between 6 and 10 working days. There will be no charge for cancellation made 10 or more working days before the event. Notifications should be made to OSDU@strath.ac.uk

A department is welcome to send someone else in your place if they wish without incurring a charge, providing that person has the necessary pre-requisites for the course. In the case of courses split over more than one day, you must attend ALL parts of the course. If you fail to attend any part you will be charged as outlined above.

*This is the standard charge for cancellation or non-attendance of course of 1 days duration or less. For some courses there may be a higher cancellation charge and if this is the case you will be advised of this at the time of booking.

**Any bookings made within 10 days of the event will incur the charges as specified.