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    Research Publication and Peer Review Workshop - PGR
    Provider   Researcher Development Programme

    Ethical Issues and Moral Dilemmas. An interactive workshop in which participants will work in small groups and discuss case studies covering important ethical issues and moral dilemmas in research publication and peer review.

Duration 1 half day

Course Type Workshop

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Target Audience: Postgraduate Researchers

This is an interactive workshop in which participants will work in small groups and discuss case studies covering important ethical issues and moral dilemmas in research publication and peer review.

Researchers have an obligation to act responsibly and ethically not only when carrying out research, but also when communicating and publishing their work and assessing the work of others. Breaches of research integrity and publication ethics are damaging not only to the individuals and their institutions, but also to public trust. It isn’t, however, always clear to researchers what the accepted principles are and they may unwittingly infringe these. Research communication/publication and peer review practices are changing, many to the benefit of researchers, but new unethical practices are appearing, and not everyone in the research and publication communities will be aware of these or how to deal with them. Younger researchers may be subject to power imbalances and pressures that can make it difficult for them to do what they know to be right; they may also experience unfair or unethical practices by others. Through case-study discussions, various problems and challenges will be explored, helping participants gain awareness and understanding of what constitutes responsible and ethical practice in publication and peer review, and how to deal with complex or delicate situations and grey areas.


Biography: Dr Irene Hames

Irene Hames is an independent advisor on research integrity, research publication and publication ethics, and has run many workshops in these areas for researchers at all career stages. Her experience in research communication and publication spans 40 years, including 20 years as the managing editor of a large scientific journal. She is the author of the book Peer Review and Manuscript Management in Scientific Journals, and in 2011 was the specialist advisor to the UK Parliament House of Commons Science and Technology Committee for its inquiry into peer review and the resulting report, Peer Review in Scientific Publications. Irene is a former Council Member and Director of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and a member of the Advisory Board of the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO). In 2017 she was awarded the inaugural Publons Sentinel Award for outstanding advocacy, innovation or contribution to scholarly peer review. In partnership with the University of Dundee, she has developed the online course Responsible and Ethical Practice in Research and Publication, which is used as an educational resource by the University of Strathclyde.




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Delivered By: Irene Hames



PG Certificate in Researcher Professional Development

All postgraduate research students are eligible to access the Researcher Development Programme workshops. This workshop can contribute towards the PG Certificate in Researcher Professional Development (PG Cert RPD).

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