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    SPIRAL - Research Integrity in Practice
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    This highly interactive workshop suits anyone looking to enhance their own and other’s practice. Plenty of exploration of fundamentals, along with discussion and application to your situation. We aim to make the subject a lively and vital part of your daily practice as a researcher.

The next session will begin on 02/11/2021 at 01:30 PM

Duration 3 hours

Course Type Webinar

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Target Audience: Anyone looking to enhance their own, or others' practice. Research & academic staff.

If you ask any researcher whether they are conducting their work in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, the great majority would rightly answer positively. And some might add the qualifier, 'as far as I know!” And yet, there are still occasional cases where researchers have, knowingly or not, committed a breach of such standards.

This highly interactive workshop is suitable for those looking to enhance their own professional knowledge and conduct, and those involved in helping maintain the conduct of others. We introduce the subject in a highly interactive manner. We won’t be dispensing one-size fits-all, definitive answers but, together, we will be exploring some of the fundamentals and applying them to your experiences and situation, making it as practical and specific as we can.

The overall aim is to make this subject a lively and vital part of research; drawing the links between the everyday conduct of what you do, your efficacy as a researcher and the sustainability of a research career.


  • Considered the scope and severity of breaches of research integrity
  • Explored the pressures that can lead to breaches
  • Devised ways of alleviating those pressures and responding to breaches
  • Discussed these in relation to your, and Strathclyde's practice

Delivered By: Jamie McDonald - Skyward


At the session, we’ll be looking for examples of breaches of integrity and good practices from different aspects of research – and of differing levels of ‘severity’. Please can you come along with at least five real-life examples in mind, ranging from mild or severe, that we can work with? Just simple descriptions of one or two sentences are fine – we don’t need the finer detail. To bring the subject to life, the workshop is highly interactive. With that in mind, please come along prepared to discuss, to contribute fully and constructively, and to reflect on your experiences of research integrity and practice.

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