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    Compendex and Inspec (on Engineering Village)
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    What are Compendex and Inspec? How can they help you in your research?

Duration 1 hour 30 mins

Course Type Presentation

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Target Audience: Final year, Masters and PhD students

Compendex and Inspec (on Engineering Village) -  First choice for serious Engineering and Physics Research.

Comprehensive Engineering and Physics Content.

Cross-disciplinary records from journals, books, conference papers, dissertations, standards and videos for definitive research.

Improved Research Success.

Search, analytics and navigation tools that reduce research time with targeted content providing the best results.

Results in context.

Access the impact and relevancy of the results to evaluate what matters to you and your engineering and physics research needs.

This session will cover the following topics and the opportunity to try for yourself:

  • How to use Compendex and Inspec.
  • Discover unique solutions for engineers and physicists - e.g. Find relevant data with consistency and precision using Numerical Search.

There will be a Q & A at the end of the session to ask questions based on what you have learned during the hands-on session.

Delivered By: Susan Watson - Elsevier


Faculty of Engineering, Science (Pure and Applied Chemistry and Physics)

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