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    SPIRAL-Research &Funding Opps in N'work Science & Intelligence Systems
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    This session will provide an overview of the US Army Research Office and outline basic research and funding priorities and opportunities available in Network Science and Intelligence Systems.

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Target Audience: Academic, Research & Research Support Staff at all levels

The U.S Army Research Office (ARO) focuses on increasing fundamental knowledge and understanding in the engineering, physical, life, mathematical, computer, information, and social sciences, and has expanded internationally with a presence in London, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

This seminar will give an overview of the Army Research program in general and outline specific interests in the Network Science area (including network control, wireless communications and networking, and social networks), and artificial intelligence/machine learning, as well as signal processing and cyber security.

Funding opportunities will also be described.

Q&A Session available at the end.


BIO:  Dr. Robert Ulman

Dr. Robert Ulman has been running the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) Network Science and Intelligence Systems Program since January 2017.  In this role, Dr. Ulman established a new basic research program within the network science discipline that encompasses European, African, Israel, and Middle Eastern countries.  This entails identification and assessment of basic research that is applicable to Army, funding this research, and facilitating collaborations with Army scientists and transitions.  In addition, he acts as an advisor and ARO liaison to the Distributed Analytics and Information Science International Technology Alliance (DAIS-ITA), which is a collaborative effort between US Army Research Lab (ARL) and the UK Defense Science and Technical Lab (DSTL).

Previously, Dr. Ulman was the program manager for the Wireless Communications and Networks program at ARO, primarily funding U.S. universities.  At ARO, he built a research program in wireless communications networking, concentrating on research that is applicable to the tactical mobile battlefield.  His program also included social networking for several years until this research area was spun off into a new program. 

Dr. Ulman received his BS in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech in 1984, his MS from The Ohio State University in 1986, his PhD from University of Maryland in 1998. 

Delivered By: Dr Robert Ulman, US Army Research Office



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