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    CI Skills for Success Series
    Provider   Continuous Improvement

    The ‘Success’ series is a set of interactive workshops, delivered over six sessions, providing simple continuous improvement techniques which will engender success for you and your team.

Duration 6 sessions

Course Type Series

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Target Audience: Staff who have an interest in Continuous Improvement

The ‘Success’ series is a set of six interactive workshops, delivered via Zoom, providing simple continuous improvement techniques which will engender success for you and your team. At only 1 hour 15 minutes per session it is a great way to meet like-minded colleagues from across the University.

  • Session 1 – Identify the Value for Success – On average less than 5% of the lead time of any given process is spent on what the customer really wants. This session will give you the tools to grow the value in your processes by removing waste.
  • Session 2 – Go & See for Success– Do you feel wholly reliant on measures and numbers to understand how your processes are working? This session offers an alternative to really understand how the work is done.
  • Session 3 – Structured Problem Solving for Success– Lots of issues and not enough solutions? This session provides a systematic method of analysing an issue, implementing the best solution, and sustaining the change.
  • Session 4 – Standard Work for Success – Issues with consistency within the team? Similar work but different outcomes? This session provides the skills to drive standardisation and consistency in the workplace.
  • Session 5 – Organising for Success (5S) – Do you spend more time looking for files and emails than you do working on them? This session looks at workplace organisation and sustainable structure.
  • Session 6 – Improvement Kata for Success – Is the big objective too overwhelming and you never progress toward it? This session demonstrates scientific improvement via small considered experiments.

The’ Success’ series is a suite of programmes that develop as you work through them with certification on completion. If unable to make one or two they will be repeated in the later in the year.

Delivered By: Continuous Improvement