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    Elsevier Researcher Academy: How to Write a Great Research Paper
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    How to Write a Great Research Paper, and Get it Accepted by a Scholarly Journal

Duration 1 hour 5 mins

Course Type Webinar

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Target Audience: PhD Students, Staff, Researchers and Library staff

You’ve completed your research and want to publish your work in a peer-reviewed journal. Are you wondering where to start? Do you know where you find relevant information quick and easy? Do you want to learn how to structure your paper, or what to include in a cover letter? Is the submission and peer-review process a mystery to you and do you know why editors accept (or reject) papers? Do you understand the importance of ethical issues?

If this sounds familiar to you, register now for this Elsevier Researcher Academy Online Seminar and get some tips from the Publisher. This seminar will benefit both early career and established researchers.

 *The link to the Webinar will be sent to you via email, in advance of the course*

This session will help you: 

  • Look behind the scenes of scientific publishing
  • To have a clear idea of the steps needed to be taken before starting to write a paper
  • To choose the right journal to submit your paper to
  • To structure your cover letter
  • To understand the available Open Access options
  • To have a clear idea about author rights and responsibilities
  • Understand sensitive areas such as publishing ethics, plagiarism and duplicate publishing.
  • Understand how peer review works and how to respond to feedback


How to get Published

  • Scholarly publishing overview
  • What to publish
  • Select your journal/readers/audience
  • Articles types and options
  • Typical article structure
  • Research integrity and reproducibility when publishing
  • Converting a PhD thesis into a publication
  • How to write a cover letter

Author Rights & Responsibilities

  • Copyright policies and ethical considerations (e.g. plagiarism)
  • Open access solutions

Surviving Peer Review/Social Media/Ethics

  • The review and editorial process and your response
  • Promoting your research using social media
  • Publishing ethics
  • Research integrity and reproducibility when publishing

Michaela has been with Elsevier for 17 years and run numerous Events for Academic staff, Senior Researchers and Early Career Researchers on how to get papers accepted and published in the right scientific journal and she conducted a wide range of consulting sessions on Scopus, ScienceDirect and Mendeley.

She’s an enthusiastic communicator and passionate about helping Researchers and Information Professionals to turn information into actionable knowledge.

Delivered By: Michaela Kurschildgenm, Training Specialist and Customer Consultant from Elsevier



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This seminar is organised by the University of Strathclyde in collaboration with Elsevier.