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    STEP - Online - Getting Started with Myplace
    Provider   Education Enhancement - OSDU

    This session is aimed at staff who would like to learn how to use MyPlace. It provides practical experience in using the most common functions of MyPlace, and the basic skills required in setting up and managing a class.

Duration 1 Week

Course Type Classroom

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Target Audience: Staff

The course takes place on MyPlace over a period of 7 days and participants are expected to engage with the class for around 3 hours during that time.


The course is split into four parts and covers a basic introduction to MyPlace, how to set up a new class, working with files, resources and activities, and class management.


Practical exercises are provided to guide the learner through the class, and will cover the following points:

  • Setting up a new class (Playground/Test site)
  • Editing a class
  • Adding Topics
  • Adding a Class Header
  • Adding Files, Folders, Weblinks, Labels
  • Adding Assignments, Forums
  • Managing a class, access, availability.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the topics covered, through the use of online forums.

“Test your knowledge” quizzes are available at the end of each topic, and learners can upload their own completed class to achieve certification in this course.

Delivered By: Education Enhancement Team


There are no specific pre-requisites for this class, but file management and basic IT skills would be useful.

Outcomes / Objectives

  • How to create a new class (Playground/Test site).
  • How to edit a class and add Topics.
  • How to create and add a Class Header.
  • How to add and manage Files, Folders, Weblinks and Labels.
  • How to create Assignments and Forums.
  • How to manage class access and availability.
  • How to submit to an assignment.