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    Assessment for Learning in Higher Education
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    According to the principle of Assessment for Learning (AfL), assessment and feedback should always help students learn and succeed. AfL is at the heart of Strathclyde’s Assessment and Feedback Policy.

Duration 3 sessions

Course Type Series

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Target Audience: For all staff involved in assessment and feedback , or those with particular interest in Assessment for Learning

The aim of this 20 credit SPARK module is to support participants to adopt an evidence-informed, practical approach to assessment and feedback in the context of their own teaching.

Participants will be given the opportunity to explore the principles of AfL and familiarise themselves with examples of good practice from the literature. The module will offer participants flexibility to choose their own journey through the material and a range of potential topics including:

  • Authentic assessment
  • Student co-creation and choice in relation to assessment and feedback
  • Assessment types
  • Self and Peer assessment
  • Feedback and feed-forward
  • Supporting students to make the most of feedback
  • The role of technology and digital tools
  • The challenged and opportunities of assessment and feedback in large classes
  • Sustainable approaches to assessment including workload considerations for staff
  • Accessibility and getting assessment and feedback right for all students
  • Programme level approaches to assessment and leadership and coordination
  • Quality assurance


Learning Objectives & Learning Outcomes

  • Obj 1 : Describe the University's Policy on Assessment and Feedback
  • Obj 2 : Analyse a variety of assessment activities and examples of feedback in relation to the principles of Assessment for Learning
  • Obj 3 : Design and modify assessment and feedback activities
  • Obj 4 : Demonstrate the concept of constructive alignment in the context of a class or module in higher education
  • L Out 1 : Critical reflection
  • L Out 2 : Leadership and team-working skills
  • L Out 3 : Problem solving skills
  • L Out 4 : Planning abilities


  • Participants will annotate a digital copy of the Strathclyde Assessment and Feedback Policy and submit this alongside a short reflective blog exploring the implications of the policy on their practice
  • Participants will undertake a group presentation in which they will provide examples of good feedback to support student engagement
  • Participants will design an entire approach to assessment and feedback, in light of the principles of assessment for learning, on a class in higher education. This will be accompanied by a 2000-word theoretical justification on educational development theories and evidence-based examples of best practice to inform their design.



We are committed to ensuring our events and courses are accessible to all staff. If you feel you have a disability, health issue, or neurodivergent condition that may affect your ability to access, participate or engage in this course, please get in touch with us at osdu@strath.ac.uk to discuss your specific support requirements.

Delivered By: Dr Sean Morrissey & Dr Katy Savage


You must submit an online application prior to attending this class to be fully registered . Open to all Academics or related staff within the University of Strathclyde. Applicants must hold qualification at Degree level or have experience deemed by course director to be equivalent. ALL sessions must be attended. Please check session dates before booking.