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    STEP - Setting Up a Basic Forum
    Provider   Education Enhancement - OSDU

    This Zoom Taught course introduces participants to the pedagogical considerations of setting up a meaningful discussion forum. It will also provide a student perspective of using such and supervised practical experience in setting-up and configuring this flexible active learning tool.

Duration 1 hour 30 mins

Course Type Webinar

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: Teaching and Admin Staff

This online interactive session will introduce the pedagogical considerations that should underpin the use of discussion forums in order to make the most of their potential as active learning tools. As well as affording a student perspective of engaging with discussion fora, practical supervised experience of setting up, configuring and priming a discussion forum will also be provided. The session will also signpost students to support available for more advanced use of this key active learning tool.

Participants will be able to:


·         Recognise the pedagogical benefits and applicability of the various types of discussion forum across key teaching and administrative contexts

·         Provide clear guidance on what is expected of forum participants in order to stimulate engagement and meaningful discussion

·         Set up, configure and prime a discussion forum in MyPlace

Know how to access support for more advanced use of discussion forums

This course is not part of a series and will run again.

Delivered By: Education Enhancement Team


- Completion of Getting Started in MyPlace or equivalent experience using a Moodle-based VLE - A PC or laptop computer - A stable broadband connection - audio (and ideally webcam) enabled and tested via https://zoom.us/test

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