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    Agile Working Toolkit - Line Manager Briefing
    Provider   Human Resources

    This webinar will summarise the key considerations that line managers should be aware of when applying the principles of the Agile Working Toolkit within their teams.

Duration 5 mins

Course Type Webinar

Booking Status Archived

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Target Audience: Colleagues with direct line management responsibility for University staff

Agile working is about managers and staff considering whether the work of their teams can be achieved in a more flexible way that allows staff greater scope to work at times and from locations that are preferable to them.

The new Agile Working Toolkit is designed to help staff and managers understand what agile working is, what agile working arrangements may be available and how to make agile working successful for both our staff and our University.

On this webinar, a colleague from Human Resources will summarise the key aspects of the toolkit and give practical tips to line managers for applying agile working in their team. Further sources of support will also be signposted.


Delivered By: Human Resources


This webinar is only open to staff with line management responsibilities.

Useful Links

The Agile Working Toolkit including guidance for managers is available on the web: