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    STEP - Online - MyPlace Gradebook Training
    Provider   Education Enhancement - OSDU

    This session is aimed at staff who wish to work with the MyPlace Gradebook, or are involved in setting up and administering assessments on MyPlace. It offers learners practical experience of using the main functions of the Gradebook and setting up each of the three Gradebook types.

Duration 1 Week

Course Type Classroom

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Target Audience: Teaching and Administrative Staff

The course takes place on MypPlace over a period of 7 days and participants are expected to engage with the class for around 3 hours during that time.

This session provides an introduction to the MyPlace Gradebook and the main categories. It goes on to discuss the Gradebook Structures for different class types, and how to create, edit, and administer these Gradebook structures.

The class also covers how to set appropriate weighting for different assessments, how to understand aggregation, and how to manage grade visibility.

Learners are prompted to create their own playground site and build a gradebook with particular specifications as the class progresses.

Practical exercises are provided to guide the learner through the class, and will cover the following points:


  • Accessing the Gradebook;
  • Creating and Organising a Gradebook;
  • Adding Weighting to Gradebook items;
  • Aggregating Weightings;
  • Managing resit/second-attempt grades.


“Test your knowledge” quizzes are available at the end of each topic, and learners can upload their own completed class to achieve certification in this course.


In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Set up a gradebook;
  • Determine the correct structure, based on needs of the class;
  • Manage Gradebook items, and create appropriate weightings;
  • Administer more complex uses of the Gradebook;
  • Access and review the grader report;
  • Understand and use different functions of the Gradebook.

Delivered By: Education Enhancement Team


You should be familiar with MyPlace and/or have completed the Getting Started with MyPlace online class. You should also be familiar with administering a MyPlace class.