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    Advanced Project Management
    Provider   Researcher Development Programme

    You will be introduced to tried & tested management techniques for dealing with complex and collaborative projects. This course in complement to previous PM sessions focuses on the remaining material needed for the CAPM exam as well as introducing new advanced techniques and concepts

Duration 1 full day

Course Type Workshop

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Target Audience: Postgraduate Research Students

During this 1-day course, participants will:

• Learn about planning effective communication in a complex and collaborative environment

• Understand running projects within different organisational structures, particularly within common matrix structures

• Be aware of project quality and avoiding "gold plating"

• Explore how to successfully manage change in a project environment including prioritising multiple projects and establishing the project slate

• Be introduced to Agile project management methodologies

• Learn to employ Earned Value Analysis (EVA) to track and forecast project progress

• Appreciate ethics and professionalism in projects and the need to comply with rigorous standards of behaviour

Prerequisites: Project Management in the Real World (2 days) or Introduction to Project Planning (1 day) AND Risk Management in the Real World (1 day) recommended

Delivered By: Fistral Training and Consultancy Ltd


"Must have attended an Intro-level PM course + Risk as follows to attend: Onsite courses - Project Management in the Real World + Risk Management in the Real World OR Online courses - Introduction to Project Planning (1-day or Parts 1,2 and 3) + Risk Management (1-day or Parts 1 and 2)"

PG Certificate in Researcher Professional Development

All postgraduate research students are eligible to access the Researcher Development Programme workshops. This workshop can contribute towards the PG Certificate in Researcher Professional Development (PG Cert RPD).

You can find credit and class information in the Researcher Development Programme Handbook and in NEPTUNE (Engineering, HaSS) or SPIDER (Science).

Please check with your department or Supervisor to confirm if you are enrolled on the PG Cert RPD and how many credits you are expected to achieve if you are unsure.