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    SPIRAL - Career Management for Researchers @ Strathclyde
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    Career Management for Researchers @ Strathclyde is a blended course, combining online modules and Zoom discussion sessions, to help you explore career options and prepare you for the next stage of your career. A 4-week course - designed to address key career issues for researchers.

Duration 4 sessions

Course Type Series

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Target Audience: Research Staff

This is a blended course (some content will be delivered via live sessions and some content available online to complete in your own time).

Career Management for Researchers @ Strathclyde is a blended course, combining online modules and Zoom discussion sessions, to help you explore your career options and prepare you for the next stage of your career. It is a 4-week course designed to address key career issues for researchers and provide insights into career opportunities in academia and beyond.


Course Description

Career Management for Researchers @ Strathclyde is a blended programme combining FutureLearn’s Career Management for Researchers online course with weekly Zoom discussion sessions for Strathclyde participants.

It is a 4-part course designed to be completed over 4 weeks. You will join a cohort of Strathclyde researchers from all disciplines working on the course together. The weekly Zoom discussion sessions will allow you to share strategies, ideas and experiences with fellow researchers, while building a network of contacts and support.

Career Management for Researchers has been developed for FutureLearn by specialist researcher careers consultants at the universities of Sheffield, Edinburgh and Glasgow. It has been designed for PhD students and research staff who are exploring their career options and preparing for the next stage in their career, whether in academia or beyond.

The course addresses key career issues pertinent to researchers. Each week, the online course content provides a range of articles, videos, reflective activities, exercises and discussion topics which will be supported by Strathclyde’s live Zoom sessions.

Course Themes

Week 1 - Making career plans and identifying what you want

Week 2 - Exploring career options beyond academia

Week 3 - Careers in Higher Education - research, teaching and professional roles

Week 4 - Job search, CVs, applications and interviews within and beyond HE.


Key Dates

Now - register to be part of the cohort. You will then be sent details, including how to register for the course, a more detailed timetable, and invitations to the meetings.

Course start - Week 1 will begin on 6th October. Enrol on the online course and start on Week 1 of the course content.

A reminder will be sent to you. Don’t enrol earlier as you only have 4 weeks of free access to the course content.

 Session 1 (end of Week 1) - welcome and online discussion about Week 1 content.

 Session 2 (end of Week 2) - online discussion after completing Week 2 content.

 Session 3 (end of Week 3) - online discussion after completing Week 3 content.

 Session 4 (end of Week 4) - online discussion after completing Week 4 content. Next steps.


  • Develop an awareness of what is important to you when considering future career development, including reflection on key drivers, skills, interests, personality, and values and how these impact on career choice.
  • Identify the experience, skills and qualifications that will aid progression in an academic career: assess individual experience; identify gaps in light of what is required for moving on; and consider how to build relevant experience if this is the route you decide to take.
  • Explore some of the more common career areas researchers enter outside academic research and develop strategies to help generate and research individual career ideas.
  • Learn how to adapt a CV for different roles and have improved confidence in presenting experience effectively when applying for academic and non-academic jobs.
  • Discuss what to expect at academic and non-academic interviews, how to prepare effectively for these, and develop an awareness of how to present research experience to different types of employers.


"Please note that this course is open to both research staff and PGR students. If you are a PGR student, please register via the following link instead: https://bookings.strath.ac.uk/Home/Course/5673 "




Once the course begins you should work through the week’s activities within the Career Management for Researchers course before attending that week’s Zoom session.

You are encouraged to set aside 3 hours to complete all of the content available in a week alongside the Zoom sessions.

You can also work through the online course by yourself and at your own pace within a six-week time period at another time during the year. Please contact maria.weikum@strath.ac.uk for further information in this case.



We are committed to ensuring our events and courses are accessible to all staff. If you feel you have a disability, health issue, or neurodivergent condition that may affect your ability to access, participate or engage in this course, please get in touch with us at osdu@strath.ac.uk to discuss your specific support requirements.

Delivered By: OSDU


Participants are expected to attend all dates.