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    SPIRAL - EPSRC New Investigator Award (NIA) Workshop
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    This workshop is designed to provide potential applicants an overview of the EPSRC New Investigator Aware (NIA) plus insightful top tips from previous award winners and panel members.

Duration 1 hour 30 mins

Course Type Webinar

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: For academics/ECRs who are are interested in applying for the New Investigator Award or colleagues who would like to know more about this scheme.

In this workshop you will be presented:

  • An overview of the New Investigator Award (NIA) with latest updates given by Dr Derek Craig, EPSRC Head of Regional Engagement for Scotland.
  • Top tips from previous winners Dr James Carroll and Dr Phillipp Seib on how to make successful applications and the impact of this award on their career development.
  • Insightful views from Professor Campbell Booth and Dr Alison Ramage on what panels look for in a successful application.
  • RKES support to facilitate the applications

Course Outcomes/Objectives;

  • To gain a clear idea of what the New Investigator Award is about, including the scope and nature of the scheme, eligibility, how to apply.
  • To gain insightful information on the key elements to create successful applications.
  • To be aware of what RKES support is available to facilitate the applications.

This course is a one off.

Please take a look of the New Investigator Award website
Please bring any questions you have for the speakers.

Delivered By: Dr Derek Craig, Dr James Carroll, Dr Philipp Seib, Dr Alison Ramage and Prof Campbell Booth


please bring your questions for the speakers