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    SUnBIRD User Training
    Provider   Strategy & Planning

    SUnBIRD (Strathclyde University Business Intelligence Reports and Dashboards) browser-based system gives access to management information aligned to our strategic goals, provides easy-to-use interfaces, strong reporting and drill-down capability from the enterprise data warehouse.

Duration 2 hours

Course Type Classroom

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Target Audience: All Staff

This training session explores various datamarts to navigate SUnBIRD and covers the 3 elements of a SUnBIRD datamart:

  • Dashboards: pre-defined chart reports providing drilling and filtering capabilities.
  • Reports: ability to define simple chart and tabular reports.
  • Analysis: ability to define advanced tabular and chart reports.

We also cover general features such as bookmarking filtered items, exporting to Excel, data definitions, requesting the scheduling of regular reports and upcoming developments.

We can cover specific questions you may have during the training and will be in touch in advance of the session to check if there is anything you need answered.

We may also be able to provide further training sessions outside of the currently scheduled dates and times.  Please send an enquiry to sunbird-support@strath.ac.uk

SUnBIRD datamarts are available for:
• Key Performance Indicators
• Research Grants and Contracts
• Student Profile
• Student Retention, Progression and Outcomes
• Tuition Fee Income

Delivered By: Ruth Woods


Access to SUnBIRD (please check a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the course date). If you don’t already have access to SUnBIRD (available in Pegasus, Strategy & Planning tab), please email your DS username to sunbird-support@strath.ac.uk to request access once you book this course or 48 hours in advance of the course date. Access to Zoom or MS Teams while working from home.