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    Value of Research and Scholarship to Users Workshop
    Provider   SBS Faculty

    This course is part of the SBS Writing Programme of Events for all staff and PGR students.

Duration 1 half day

Course Type Workshop

Booking Status Waiting List

Is this course right for me?

Target Audience: SBS Staff & PGR Students

This is a bespoke workshop, which aims to focus specifically on how we express the (intended or actual) contributions of our research and scholarship to users and beneficiaries.  In other words our research impact.

This workshop should be useful to colleagues new to thinking about the value of their research for users (i.e. the pathways to impact) through to those for whom engaging with users is core (and the impact achieved is to be articulated). Having a mix of experience will enrich the workshop.

This is a practical workshop and there will be time to start/work on your own project.

What you should bring?

Participants should bring a suitable project (e.g. grant proposal where intended impact needs to be articulated, or text for external communications of past work to explain impact achieved, or a live project where we need to communicate the ‘so what?’ to a client or the public).

Who will lead the course?

Professor Rowena Murray. Rowena is a highly respected facilitator of writing retreats and courses for academic writers. Her research focuses on academic writing, the subject of her books – How to Write a ThesisWriting for Academic JournalsThe Handbook of Academic Writing (co-authored with Sarah Moore) and Writing in Social Spaces – and articles in Higher Education journals. 

Delivered By: SBS Faculty