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    Hybrid Teaching
    Provider   Education Enhancement - OSDU

    This session will communicate key information to teaching staff on Hybrid Teaching at Strathclyde according to the Hybrid Teaching and Learning Guidance.

Duration 30 mins

Course Type Webinar

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Target Audience: Any staff involved in learning and teaching

The Hybrid Teaching and Learning guidance has been prepared to support staff in preparing for scenarios where students may be unable to participate in on-campus or synchronous online activities.

This training session will help staff to understand what hybrid teaching is and what considerations should be given for different modes of delivery.


  • Understand Hybrid Teaching according to the Hybrid Teaching and Learning Guidance
  • Consider how to support learning for students who are unable to attend on-campus activities
  • Develop an awareness of alternative modes of delivery
  • Access support to plan for Blended & Hybrid Teaching and Learning

Delivered By: Education Enhancement Team