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    SPIRAL - Productive Writing: Techniques, Planning & Finishing
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    This workshop will focus on writing productivity: from getting started with a writing task to continuing productively, overcoming writing challenges and finishing within deadlines.

Duration 3 hours

Course Type Workshop

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: Any staff involved in academic writing (e.g. for research, knowledge exchange or teaching purposes)

This is a live on-campus event.

How do you initiate the writing process when faced with only a blank page or a cursor incessantly blinking on the screen? Effective written communication is an essential part of academia and researchers are required to write a variety of documents including papers for publication, grant proposals and books.

Manuscripts must be clear and concise and written in a manner that is appropriate for that particular style of document. Scholarly writing projects involve planning, drafting & redrafting, setting deadlines and collaboration.

This workshop will focus on how to start writing, how to keep going and how to finish.

At the end of this workshop researchers will have:

  • been introduced to a range of writing productivity techniques
  • planned out a manuscript from scratch
  • discussed various writing challenges with their peers
  • initiated a work-plan & set deadlines for their writing project



We are committed to ensuring our events and courses are accessible to all staff:

  • Full access information for the venue is available via AccessAble - [Search | AccessAble
  • Hybrid provision is not available
  • There will be audience participation 
  • You are asked to attend the whole session 
  • There will be a break
  • The session is relaxed – this means you can stretch, move around, stim etc. 
  • In line with current University health and safety guidance, attendees may wish to use face masks. The room will have either mechanical ventilation or passive ventilation (i.e. open windows) 
  • Digital copies of resources will be shared with participants at the start
  • Contact osdu@strath.ac.uk to request printed materials in different formats 
  • Please contact osdu-equity@strath.ac.uk to discuss any further access requirements

Cancellation Policy 

When applying for a course, you should note that there will be a £50* charge to your Department / School if you do not attend your place on the course. There will be no charge as long as you cancel your booked place before the event or notify our staff at osdu@strath.ac.uk that you can no longer attend.

A Department / School is welcome to send someone else in your place if they wish without incurring a charge, providing that person has the necessary prerequisites for the course. In the case of courses split over more than one day, you are expected to attend ALL parts of the course.

*This is the standard charge for cancellation or non-attendance of a course of 1-day duration or less. For some courses, there may be a higher cancellation charge and if this is the case you will be advised of this at the time of booking. 

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