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    What's new in Microsoft Teams? (Sept / Oct 2021)
    Provider   Cloud Transformation

    The is a one hour live event, showcasing new features introduced in Microsoft Teams in spring / summer 2021.

Duration 1 hour

Course Type Presentation

Booking Status Contact Provider

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Target Audience: everyone at the University

Get up to speed on new features in Microsoft Teams introduced during spring / summer 2021!

There's plenty of content in this event, including:

  • Dynamic view
  • Presenter mode
  • PowerPoint Live in Teams
  • Live transcription and speaker attribution
  • Teams meeting registration forms
  • New meetings options
  • The attendance dashboard
  • And more!

During this one hour live event you can submit Q&A questions as the event progresses.  We'll answer as many as we can during the Q&A session at the end.

Please sign-up to attend.  We'll send you the event link soon.

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