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    Problem Solving in Reality
    Provider   Researcher Development Programme

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would provide us with the picture of a completed PhD project, showing a happy researcher, and a clear path to help us get there?

Duration 1 full day

Course Type Webinar

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Target Audience: PGR Students

Instead, even though we trust that all the pieces of that jigsaw puzzle are in the box, they
sometimes seem to be dumped in a heap on the table, rather than laid out nicely, with the edges already made and the picture on the box showing the way.

But a PhD is problem solving in the real world – and it can be messy, illogical and all too human. And then, just as has happened to us all recently, circumstance can come along and swoosh those pieces up into the air.

Given this, and that every research project is designed to address a real question, it is essential to develop the skills, attitude, and awareness to find solutions that make a real difference. In this highly interactive oneday workshop, we look at how to understand problems and generate viable solutions. Then you’ll apply them to real problems, brought by real people, from the real world. Arguably, exercising the most sought-after skills set you will ever need.

To help you understand, solve and deal with your own, and others’, challenges, you’ll learn:

• What helps you to listen, connect and understand others – and yourself
• How to ask effective questions and build a picture of the challenge
• To use a powerful and simple model of coaching and problem-solving
• Consider the practicalities and constraints of a situation and how they help solve problems
• Tools for creating new ideas and options to progress the situation
• How you can apply these to the real world


Delivered By: Jamie McDonald


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PG Certificate in Researcher Professional Development

All postgraduate research students are eligible to access the Researcher Development Programme workshops. This workshop can contribute towards the PG Certificate in Researcher Professional Development (PG Cert RPD).

You can find credit and class information in the Researcher Development Programme Handbook and in NEPTUNE (Engineering, HaSS) or SPIDER (Science).

Please check with your department or Supervisor to confirm if you are enrolled on the PG Cert RPD and how many credits you are expected to achieve if you are unsure.