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    SPIRAL – Research Writing Workshop - Weekly Drop In
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    This informal, social writing workshop is intended for all staff who are looking for protected time and space to focus on their writing and legitimise writing tasks in their busy work weeks.

Duration 4 sessions

Course Type Webinar

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: For academics, researchers, and knowledge exchange staff looking for protected time and space to work on writing.


The bulk of the two 90-minute weekly hybrid sessions--offered in person in Graham Hills 451 and on Zoom simultaneously at 10.30-12.00 and 13.00-14.30 every Friday--are given over to writing together. The brief social aspect—beginning and wrapping up each session—is designed to provide continuity and encourage commitment to, and completion of, writing tasks.

 In this informal social writing workshop, participants will have the opportunity to work either in-person or virtually alongside others engaged in academic research writing. Attendees are encouraged to use whatever techniques (e.g. Pomodoro) and tools work best for them to ensure continued engagement and productivity--in brief, to get writing done.

 One-on-one support and mentoring is available upon request. Above all, the sessions provide an opportunity for attendees to participate in a supportive community of writers, one focused on making the writing process more effective and productive. Come to one, come to both, come every week: we'll look forward to seeing you there.

Course Outcomes/ Objectives:

Protected time and space for focusing on getting writing done in a supportive, inclusive atmosphere. 

Please follow this Myplace link below to access course:


Sessions run for 90 minutes weekly on Fridays from 10.30am to 12.00

Two hybrid sessions run for 90 minutes each, weekly on Fridays from 10.30am to 12.00 noon and 13.00-14.30pm:



We are committed to ensuring our events and courses are accessible to all staff. If you feel you have a disability, health issue, or neurodivergent condition that may affect your ability to access, participate or engage in this course, please get in touch with us at osdu@strath.ac.uk to discuss your specific support requirements.


Delivered By: Dr Stuart Boon, Academic Development Lead (OSDU)


Access to this course is via Myplace link above.