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    Finding legislation
    Provider   Library Services

    This class looks at how to find legislation, focussing on using legal databases to do this.

Duration 45 mins

Course Type Webinar

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Target Audience: Academic and Support Staff, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

Legislation is an important source of law within the Scottish legal system. Legislation is law made by – or under the authority of – a legislature (e.g. Parliament).

In this class we will look at how to find legislation. We will focus on using legal databases to do this.

After attending this class, you should:

  • Be able to state the main types of legislation affecting Scotland
  • Understand how a piece of legislation can be amended over time
  • Know where to find legislation online and in the Library
  • Know how to use legal databases to find legislation, and
  • Know where to find supplementary information about legislation.


This class is an introduction to the topic and is aimed at students and staff in all disciplines where legislation may be used as an information source.

Delivered By: Library Services



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