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    Departmental Safety Coordinator Training (Online)
    Provider   Safety, Health and Wellbeing

    This course provides guidance on best practice for all Departmental Safety Coordinators to enable departments to comply with the University's Health & Safety Policy.

Duration 2 hours 30 mins

Course Type Online

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Target Audience: Staff appointed by each Head of Department to carry out the functions of Departmental Safety Coordinator (DSC) and Deputy DSC's.

To equip DSCs and their Deputies with the relevant knowledge and skill to assist their Heads of Departments in fulfilling their responsibilities regarding day-to-day health and safety management within the department.

Participants will be able to understand:

Part 1 - Departmental Safety Coordinator;

  • Their role within the University organisational structure for managing health and safety
  • The key elements of the Departmental Safety Coordinator role
  • The standards that govern compliance
  • How to set priorities for improved health and safety performance

Part 2 - Introduction to Incident Reporting and Investigation;

  • University Legal Responsibility
  • Relevant definitions in use within the University
  • Roles, Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • HSE Reportable Incidents
  • The 'Domino Theory' and 'Safety Pyramid'
  • Incident categories
  • Incident reporting and investigation process. 

Delivered By: Safety, Health and Wellbeing


Participants should famailiarise themselves with the University's Health & Safety Policy prior to attending the course. Refresher training should be completed every 3 years.

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