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    STEP - ESD, Me and a Cup of Tea - with Beth Robertson
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    ESD, Me and a Cup of Tea is an informal lunchtime monthly meet up where Strathclyde staff share their experience of embedding Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into their teaching and curriculum

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Target Audience: Staff

ESD, Me and a Cup of Tea is an informal lunchtime monthly meet up where Strathclyde staff share their experience of embedding Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into their teaching and curriculum. Each month we'll hear from a different member of staff who will 

discuss their approach to ESD over a cuppa. Most sessions will last between 30-45 minutes. There's no formal presentation and discussion is encouraged.

This month, we'll hear from Beth Robertson, a Teaching Associate in Electronic and Electrical Engineering (full bio below). In the last academic year, Beth has integrated sustainable development into her teaching through project-based learning (PBL), utilising the Design for People Challenge produced by Engineers Without Borders. In this session, Beth will discuss her approach to encouraging active learning though PBL. She'll discuss what worked, what didn’t, and encourage a bit of audience participation by getting attendees to out a short activity!

Put on the kettle and join us online at 1.15pm on 23 November

Beth Robertson

I am a Teaching Associate in the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Strathclyde and senior fellow of the HEA.

I teach across a wide set of contexts for Strathclyde – four UG taught courses in lectures, tutorials and laboratories (including a Graduate Apprenticeship), UG project supervision, leadership of staff across the CTP (China Teaching Partnership) programme, as well as more recently leading department teaching, learning and assessment activities through COVID-19. Across the EEE CTP I am the coordinator of the CTP WG, co-lead the China Summer School and lead the 2+2 student induction. As co-ordinator of the CTP WG I mentor staff to deliver modules to students at three of our Partner Institutions and deliver 3 of these modules each academic year. I am also involved in training departmental PG Teaching Assistants in my role on the EEE Teaching Quality and Innovation Working Group (TQIWG).

I am actively involved in teaching and learning pedological research with my principal areas of interest in Project Based Learning and Competency Based Assessment. I developed for the 21/22 academic year an UG module that will integrate these two areas into the heart of the 1st year curriculum as they participate in a sustainable design challenge from Engineers Without Borders. 

My principal research interests include multiple energy carrier energy system modelling and optimisation techniques as well as the reduction of emissions and increased efficiency in the energy sector through the integration of (distributed) low carbon energy sources. From 2008 to 2012, I was a member of the EPSRC funded Transition Pathways consortium developing HESA– Hybrid Energy System Analysis - Tool for integrated energy system studies – before joining the EPSRC funded Realising Transition Pathways project to continue my research alongside consortium interdisciplinary research including investigating 50% distributed low-carbon electricity generation in the UK.



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