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    RI&C Week: Research Culture Café – Engineering
    Provider   Organisational and Staff Development Unit

    This interactive workshop will bring together participants from Engineering to reimagine research culture through discussing local and systemic challenges, reflecting on what a better culture could look like and developing ideas for positive change.

Duration 1 hour 30 mins

Course Type Workshop

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Target Audience: All staff involved in research or research support in the Faculty of Engineering

This is a live in-person event. 

Join us for an interactive conversation to talk about the challenges we face in research culture, to reflect on what a better culture would look like and, importantly, propose solutions for how various parts of the system could change. 

Based on the Wellcome Trust’s Café Culture initiative, this is an excellent opportunity to explore research culture challenges together with colleagues across your Faculty. In a confidential setting and underpinned by survey data from the UK sector, you will be able to discuss and pinpoint common issues but also develop ideas for practical steps forward to tackle the challenges within our culture and environments.  

The session will be facilitated by colleagues from RKES and OSDU with expertise in different aspects of research culture. Summarised outcomes and key ideas from the session will afterwards be shared with Faculty leads, relevant research committees and the Wellcome Trust so that they can feed these into their future planning and strategies. 


Event Outcomes / Objectives:

Participating in this event will enable you to 

  • gain a better understanding of systemic research culture issues in UK Higher Education;
  • explore these and more local challenges around research culture with peers in a safe setting;
  • identify and share ideas on tackling challenges and driving a more positive research culture;
  • meet other people in your Faculty for a meaningful discussion.   


If you are interested in participating in this event, but do not work in any of the four Faculties, please feel free to sign up to any of the Culture Cafe sessions. If you cannot attend the session for your own Faculty, you can also join a session for another Faculty.

Please note that this event is part of Strathclyde's Research Integrity & Culture Week 2023. You can see the full programme for RI&C Week 2023 here.




We are committed to ensuring our events and courses are accessible to all staff. If you feel you have a disability, health issue, or neurodivergent condition that may affect your ability to access, participate or engage in this course, please get in touch with us at osdu@strath.ac.uk to discuss your specific support requirements.

Delivered By: RKES & OSDU



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