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    Supporting Trans and Non-binary Staff and Students
    Provider   Access, Equality & Inclusion

    This session will explore working with trans, non-binary and gender diverse students and staff, and consider the practical ways in which we can cultivate inclusive learning and working environments

Duration 2 hours

Course Type Workshop

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Target Audience: Those involved in teaching, learning and assessment; those in professional services and support roles.



You may already knowingly work with trans, non-binary and gender diverse students and colleagues, or you may wish to expand your understanding and knowledge in this area. You may also be considering how you can make your teaching practice, curriculum content and learning environments more inclusive, or how to update your procedures and practices to better include trans and gender diverse colleagues. Whatever your current level of knowledge and experience, you are encouraged to join us for this short session.

There is increasing evidence to suggest that trans and gender diverse people face significant challenges studying and working in higher education. Research undertaken at the University of Strathclyde – TransEDU Scotland – explored the experiences of and current provision for applicants, students and staff across the Scottish colleges and university. This research suggests a far greater proportion of trans students may withdraw from their course than the general student population, alongside issues around learning and teaching environments, placements, workplace cultures, safety, administrative processes, and campus spaces.

Drawing upon the TransEDU project’s findings and recommendations, this session will introduce participants to the main considerations when supporting trans and gender diverse students and staff. While it is of course important to respect the individuality of each person we work with, there are a number of common experiences and barriers that can be encountered by trans and gender diverse students and staff.  We will then examine the ways in which we can both support trans and gender diverse students and staff, and drive sustainable change in our classrooms, departments, and faculties, and directorates. 

Course Outcomes/ Objectives;

  • Increased understanding of the potential challenges and barriers faced by trans and gender diverse students and staff in learning and workplace contexts
  • Increased understanding of the policy and provision relating to trans, non-binary and gender diverse students and staff at Strathclyde
  • Identify specific elements or aspects of local policy, procedure or practice that can be developed to be more inclusive of trans, non-binary and gender diverse students and/or staff

This an online session via Zoom. Auto-captions will be enabled. The session as planned will include an element of discussion and group work with other staff members. There will be a comfort break halfway through the session (after approx. 45 mins). If you have any specific access requirements for the session, please contact Dr Matson Lawrence (matson.lawrence@strath.ac.uk).

Delivered By: Dr Stephanie Mckendry (Head of Access, Equality & Inclusion) and Dr Matson Lawrence (Equality & Diversity Manager)



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