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    Faculty of Science - Stories of Engagement, Empowerment, and Success
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    The Faculty of Science is delighted to host Dr Jenny Burnham from the University of Sheffield on Monday 20th February from 2-3 pm when she will give a presentation entitled ‘Stories of Engagement, Empowerment and Success’.

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Target Audience: This talk will be of interest to colleagues from across the University who are interested in developing their scholarship activity in a research-led institution.

Faculty of Science - Stories of Engagement, Empowerment, and Success

We start teaching in the way we were taught.  I am old enough to have experienced a “traditional” university course pedagogical tight framing by single authority imparting knowledge, encouraging reproduction of ideas.  Sound familiar?  This is not who I want to be so I aim to do better.  This talk will explore ways I have engaged students in their learning, granting them independence with opportunities to inject their own offerings into their studies.  From peer-review (journal style) to student-directed project work, students are encouraged to be professional in their studentship, forming collegial-relationships, developing themselves according to their own interests, alongside developing their knowledge of chemistry.  The talk will also explore how this facilitative approach has enabled me to empower others through network-formation, publication, and by being a role-model of a teaching specialist in a research-led institution.       

Delivered By: Dr Jenny Burnham