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    Nutritional Seminar for Strength and Endurance Training
    Provider   Strathclyde Sport

    This one-off nutritional seminar is suitable for anyone who is looking for more information on dietary requirements for strength or cardiovascular training/workouts.

Duration 40 mins

Course Type Presentation

Booking Status Archived

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Target Audience: Staff and Students at Strathclyde University

In this seminar you will learn more information about the following key topics: 

  • Advice on daily nutrition, meals, and snacks
  • How to appropriately fuel the body before and after training
  • How to maximise performance and promote recovery through nutrition

This seminar is also suitable for anyone looking to get a bit more information on nutrition for training in general. The talk will cover numerous topics which will be beneficial for anyone, whether you train regularly or not.  

Delivered By: Nathalie Jones (Dietitian)



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