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    New Scottish Qualifications and Admissions
    Provider   Access, Equality & Inclusion

    A workshop for staff who play key roles in undergraduate recruitment and admissions processes, to hear about and discuss new qualifications which have arisen in Scotland.

Duration 2 hours

Course Type Workshop

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: UG Academic Selectors; Admissions staff; Student Recruitment Staff

Some new qualifications are on offer within Scotland, which applicants to undergraduate degree programmes at Strathclyde may present with.

In particular, these are:

  • SQA NextGen HN qualifications
  • National Progression Awards (NPAs)

In this workshop you will first hear a summary of the journey of these qualifications so far; and then, in groups, discuss how you think they will impact upon our recruitment and admissions processes.

The session will open with a 45 minute presentation on the SQA NextGen HNs. As  part of the workshop, we have invited Karen Cullen, College Partnership Manager at Queen Margaret University, to speak about her experiences of finding out information about the NextGen qualifications from a university perspective. Whilst not involved in the development of the qualifications, Karen has sat on a number of groups such as the Articulation, Progression and Grading Advisory Group, and has been a strong advocate for information dissemination across the sector. At the end of her presentation, there will be a short opportunity for you to ask Karen any questions.

Next, Strathclyde staff will provide a brief update on the NPAs, after which you will discuss the information in groups. At the end of the session, we would also like to take the opportunity to canvass you to hear your ideas on what sort of topics future training sessions could cover.

Optional light refreshments and tea/coffee will be provided from 12:30, with the actual event commencing at 1pm.


Delivered By: Widening Access