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    Writing with Confidence
    Provider   HaSS Graduate School

    A half day session to promote successful academic writing

Duration 1 half day

Course Type Classroom

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: This course is suitable only for PhD students (1st and 2nd year) registered in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

A half-day workshop aimed primarily at first and second-year PhD students. Third-year PhD students are welcome to attend if they have fallen behind with their writing schedule and/or they are experiencing related barriers to writing. The session will be practical and highly interactive, involving a brief presentation, time for questions/discussion, and tasks.  

The session will explore three aspects of designed to promote successful academic writing: 

  1. Identifying and overcoming ‘writer’s block’ and other barriers to successful writing
  2. Becoming a skilled academic writer 
  • Understanding the ‘audience’/readership for your academic writing, including your thesis 
  • Structure and organisation 
  • Discovering your writing ‘muscle’: practice makes perfect 
  • Finding time to write, scheduling, and staying on track 
  • Enhancing your skills in grammar, punctuation and word choice  
  • Ensuring that your writing ‘flows’  

     3. Editing your own work 

Delivered By: Dr Jacqueline Young


First and second year HaSS PGR (PhD) students