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    UKRO Annual Visit Webinar - Horizon Europe Updates
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    This session targets audience who are interested in applying for Horizon Europe funding. It aims to provide the newest updates and novelties on Horizon Europe funding programme with an update on the UK’s association to the programme.

Duration 3 hours 30 mins

Course Type Webinar

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Target Audience: Strathclyde colleagues who are interested in applying for Horizon Europe funding and gaining the most updated information about status of UK’s association to Horizon Europe.

Attendants who are only interested in Session Two are welcome to use the zoom link to drop in at 3:15pm.

Course Description:

Horizon Europe is the EU’s flagship research and innovation programme with a total budget of €95.5 billion. It runs from 2021 to 2027 and is the successor of the Horizon 2020 programme. Eligible entities from the EU and associated countries can participate and apply for funding from Horizon Europe.

This webinar is presented by Blazej Thomas, a senior European adviser from UKRO Brussels. Two sessions are planned for the webinar:

Session One

13:00-13:30        Updates on UK participation in Horizon Europe (incl. Q&A)

13:30-13:45        Case study - Professor Massimiliano Vasile

 13:45-14:45        Horizon Europe Work Programme for 2023-2024 

                            Novelties and how to find collaborators for projects (incl. Q&A)

 14:45-15:00        Case study - Professor Yvonne Perrie

 15:00-15:15        Break

 Session Two

 15:15 -15:45        Lump sum approach in Horizon Europe 

 15:45-16:15         Blind evaluation pilot in 2023/2024 

 16:15-16:30         Q & A 

As the agenda shows, the first session will provide updates on UK’s participation to Horizon Europe as well as highlight schemes and novelties of the 2023-2024 work programmes. We will also have past recipients of Horizon 2020 grant and Horizon Europe awardees to share their top tips of securing funding including experience in accessing UK Horizon Guarantee support. 

The second session will focus on the new lump sum approach and blind evaluation pilot in 2023/2024.  Both the lump sum funding and blind evaluation are important changes for some parts of the programme.  Knowledge of these is essential for those wishing to apply for relevant calls, as failure to follow the new rules/process could result in proposals being ineligible. 

Course Outcomes/Objectives:

  • To receive the most recent updates about the status of UK’s association to Horizon Europe
  • To obtain an overview of the Horizon Europe Work Programme for 2023-2024
  • To understand the novelties of the Work Programme 2023-2024 and how to find collaborators for projects
  • To gain valuable advice from Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe grant winners
  • To gain knowledge about lump sum funding approach and blind evaluation pilot in WP 2023-2024

If you have any questions please contact Katie Robinson (katie.robinson@strath.ac.uk) or Amber Yu (xinzi.yu@strath.ac.uk) of RKES International Team.



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  • The session will take place on Zoom 
  • Auto-captions will NOT be enabled
  • There will be audience participation
  • You can keep your camera off (but you are encouraged to keep your camera on)
  • You can drop into the session (There are two sessions and attendees can drop into any of these sessions suits their interest and schedule)
  • There will be a break
  • The session is relaxed – this means you can stretch, move around, stim etc.
  • Digital copies of resources will be emailed to participants in advance of delivery as standard
  • Please contact osdu-equity@strath.ac.uk to discuss any further access requirements

The presentations from the session will be recorded and made available on the RKES Portal


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Delivered By: UKRO senior advisor - Blazej Thomas Strathclyde Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe awardees - Professor Yvonne Perrie & Professor Massimiliano Vasile