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    Climate Fresk - Discovery Workshop
    Provider   Centre for Sustainable Development

    Become a Strathclyde Climate Education Leader in just a few hours with no prior knowledge of climate change required!

Duration 3 hours

Course Type Workshop

Booking Status Waiting List

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Target Audience: Staff and Students

Climate Fresk is a collaborative and gamified workshop about climate change. Based entirely on the IPCC reports, it can teach ANYONE the fundamentals of climate change, and its causes and consequences, in just 3 hours. The workshop empowers participants to then spread the knowledge and take effective action.

Taking part in this Climate Fresk Discovery Workshop programme, will make you much more informed on the issues and challenges of climate change! Also, once you’ve participated in the Discovery workshop you can sign up for a Training workshop to become a Climate Fresk Workshop facilitator yourself in just a few hours – and you don’t need any prior knowledge of climate change!

A recent UNESCO survey, claimed that “70% of young people surveyed say that they cannot explain climate change, or can only explain its broad principles, or do not know anything about it.”

A recent survey of Strathclyde students found that 83% of our students want sustainability embedded in their curricula. Tackling climate change on a just and equitable way is at the heart of sustainable development!!

Climate Education is key to addressing the climate emergency, because more informed activism leads to more effective activism, which can lead to a social tipping point in the push for more systemic change in the fight against climate change!  And YOU can use this workshop to engage your students, colleagues, communities, friends, and family in discussions around the cause, effects, and impacts of climate change, and the solutions required to tackle the climate crisis.

Since its creation in 2018, this highly engaging, gamified workshop has grown exponentially around the world, reaching more than 1 million participants in 50 countries and 40 languages. Strathclyde was the first UK university to adopt the workshop winning the 2022 UK and Ireland Green Gown Award for Student Engagement for Student Engagement for its use in curricula at Strathclyde.

If you want to become more informed on climate change and the climate crisis then please sign-up for a 3.5 hr Discovery workshop.

Watch this video and learn how you can take climate education action

Delivered By: Strathclyde Climate Ambassador Network



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